Sentence Examples with the word wingless

Those of the highest zone are remarkable for the great predominance of predaceous species and of wingless forms. In this last respect they present a striking analogy with the endemic coleopterous fauna of oceanic islands.

Outside the forest country the weka, an almost wingless bird, is numerous, and in the Alps a hawk-like green parrot, the kea, has learned to kill sheep and holds its ground.

These two endoderm-rudiments embryonic membrane formed by delamination from the blastoderm, ultimately grow together and give rise to the epithelium of the midwhile in a few insects, including the wingless spring-tails, the emgut.

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Anoplura The Anoplura or lice (see LousE) are wingless parasitic insects (fig.

A large number of Hymenoptera are, however, entirely wingless - at least as regards one sex or form of the species.

Hexapoda mostly with wings, the wingless forms clearly degraded.

Root-infesting forms, Root-infesting forms, znd generation, 2 Winged forms, 1 Root-infesting forms, 3 rd generation, Wingless female.

It is most unlikely that wings have been acquired independently by various orders of Hexapoda, and if we regard the Thysanura as the slightly modified representatives of a primitively wingless stock, we must postulate the acquisition of wings by some early offshoot of that stock, an offshoot whence the whole group of the Pterygota took its rise.

In two of the families - the Mutillidae and Thynnidae - the females are wingless and the larvae live as parasites in the larvae of other insects; the female Mutilla enters humble-bees' nests and lays her eggs in the bee-grubs.

Many wingless insects - such as lice, fleas and certain earwigs and cockroaches - are placed in various orders together with winged insects to which they show evident relationships.