Sentence Examples with the word windows

The Early English style is on the whole less well exemplified in the county, but Ashbourne church, with its central tower and lofty spire, contains beautiful details of this period, notably the lancet windows in the Cockayne chapel.

Had there been any doors or windows in the lower rooms, or had not the boards of the house been so thick and stout, escape could have been easy; but to remain down below was like being in a cellar or the hold of a ship, and they did not like the darkness or the damp smell.

In a square he saw tables being set up and preparations made for the dinner; he saw the Russian and French colors draped from side to side of the streets, with huge monograms A and N. In the windows of the houses also flags and bunting were displayed.

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Granite portrait busts of great authors occupy niches in windows near the entrance; these are by J.

She set about wandering the halls once more, pausing to look out of large windows onto expanses of grass.

The doors and windows have become lozenge-shaped, the walls bulged and the floors crooked.

Underneath it, to the right, was the principal entrance, and over it are three elegant windows with arches and miniature pillars.

She stared into the flames, wondering why none of the windows had curtains, and why so many things were left to gather dust in the attic.

Deidre's gaze was caught by the bank of windows lining one side of the penthouse.

But perhaps the most unique sight in Ahmedabad is the two windows in Sidi Said's mosque of filigree marble work.