Sentence Examples with the word window seat

When they finally got on the plane, she and Jonathan had a window seat - Jonathan in front of her.

Carmen Barnett curled up on the window seat and watched from the bay window as the sun cast its first rays on the farmstead below.

She crawled up on the window seat and curled into a ball.

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She was too sleepy to bother Alex, so she moved to the window seat and curled up against the chill.

Alex was on the window seat when she returned, gazing out at the night.

He crawled onto the window seat opposite her and crossed his legs, laying the clipboard on them while he scanned through her plans.

She went to the window seat and stared past the old tree at the Farmstead, but it no longer beckoned.

Bedtime began with their ritual of sitting on the window seat in each other's arms, watching their farm in the growing darkness.

She avoided the recliner, choosing the window seat instead.

With everything ready, they sat on the window seat and watched for Alex.