Sentence Examples with the word winding

It nowhere rises into peaks, and only a few of its rounded summits reach 3000 ft.; the successive hills form a continuous comb; the north-west slopes are precipitous and seamed with winding gorges.

Later came the alluvial silting-up. Slowly, but surely, the deltas of the tributary streams advanced into the lake, floods deposited their burdens of detritus in the deeper places, the lake shallowed and shrank and in its turn yielded to the winding river of an alluvial strath, covered with peat, reeds and alders, and still liable to floods.

To the west is the old town, consisting of steep, narrow, winding streets, and presenting a decidedly oriental appearance.

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Nothing but two dismal tallow candles, each in a winding sheet.

AVILES, or SAN NIcoLAs DE AvILEs (the Roman Flavionavia), a seaport of northern Spain, in the province of Oviedo; on the Bay of Aviles, a winding inlet of the Bay of Biscay, 24 m.

These rivers flow into the sea through numerous winding channels, forming a delta united by canals to that of the Mekong.

This winding way conducts one to River Hall, beyond which lie the crystalline gardens that have been described.

The internal streets of the town are so winding and narrow that there is not room for a carriage to pass, and it is difficult to penetrate them even on horseback.

On starting to hoist, the rope winds from the small towards the large end of the drum, the lever arm, or radius of the coils, increasing as the weight of Winding Engine.

Beads were made by winding thin threads of glass on copper wires, and the greater contraction of the copper freed the bead when cold.