Sentence Examples with the word wilt

Then change it, purify thyself; and as thou art purified, thou wilt gain wisdom.

Listen, and thou wilt often hear my ivory foot upon the deck, and still know that I am there.

Not wanting to wilt in her room with the energy of excitement in her blood, she padded down the hallway and followed the path she'd taken the other day.

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Not reasoning; not remonstrance; not entreaty wilt thou hearken to; all this thou scornest.

To neither love nor reverence wilt thou be kind; and e'en for hate thou canst but kill; and all are killed.

Clap eye on Captain Ahab, young man, and thou wilt find that he has only one leg.

And the glory of His coming thou canst learn, 0 king, from that which is called among them the evangelic scripture, if thou wilt read it.