Sentence Examples with the word will

Columns are generally built of riveted work of zedbars, channels, angles, plates, or lattice, of such form as will make the simplest and most easily constructed framing in the particular position in which the column is placed.

While men believe in the infinite some ponds will be thought to be bottomless.

Everything that happens to it will be recorded.

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There are the same difficulties to be contended with as in hunting with the ordinary harrier, and a very few days' running will teach the youthful sportsman that he cannot run at the same pace over sound ground and over a deep ploughed field, up hill and down, or along and across furrows.

The facility will rearm at four forty-nine exactly.

It plagues my mind that my sins will continue but so in love am I that aught else matters.

To give you a sense of what it's like to harm an innocent, you will first feel the pain you've caused throughout your life.

It will influence decisions on whether to begin new groups or focus on capacity building of existing groups.

And as the people look to him to kill bad measures, he is frequently able, if he be a man both strong and upright, to convey intimations to the legislature, or to those who are influential in it, that he will not approve of certain pending measures, or will approve of them only if passed in a form satisfactory to him.

In every mature period of art it will be found that, however much the technical rules may be collected in one special category, every artistic category has a perfect interaction with all the others; and this is nowhere more perfectly shown than when the art is in its simplest possible form of maturity.