Sentence Examples with the word wildlife

You know, like buffalo, pronghorn, and Doll sheep - wildlife native to the United States.

I wanted to put native wildlife on it.

The wildlife out here depends on the water hole.

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By 1913, the post office was closed and the town had dwindled to two dozen remaining souls, and before long, it was left to indigenous wildlife and the spirits of a boisterous past.

One was about Arkansas Wildlife and the other about edible plants and healing herbs.

In the background were the beautiful layered mountains of the White Rock Wildlife Management.

Carmen was always willing to listen, whether it was something happening at work or his plans about the wildlife safari.

It is the diversity of wildlife that many travel to Africa to see.

And then in smaller letters below it: American Wildlife Safari.

She managed to get into her boots without dislodging any wildlife and found a fire ready.