Sentence Examples with the word wild boar

His father having neglected to sacrifice to Artemis, she sent a wild boar to ravage the laud, which was eventually slain by Meleager.

Upon an artificial island in the lake traces of lake-dwellings were discovered in 1869, together with the bones of red deer, wild boar and Bos longifrons.

In the wild boar (Sus scrofa) the upper or hinder surface of the lower tusk, which has no enamel, inclines obliquely outwards and is broader than the outer surface.

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The wild boar is common in the reed thickets along the rivers and lakes, where it stays during the winter, migrating to the highlands in summer.

The wild boar is found in the Delta.

In Europe the wild boar is still hunted with dogs, but the spear, except when used in emergencies and for giving the coup de grace, has been given up for the gun.

At that moment it was announced that a wild boar was ravaging the land.

In the typical genus Sus, as exemplified by domesticated pigs (see PIG) and the wild boar (see Boar), the dentition is i.

The wild boar is confined to the basin of the W.

The Indian wild boar (Sus cristatus) is slightly taller than Sus scrota, standing some 30 to 40 in.