Sentence Examples with the word wiesbaden

The railway from Frankfort-on-Main to Oberlahnstein skirts the south and west foot of the range, that from Frankfort to Cassel the eastern side, while the line from Wiesbaden and Hochst to Limburg intersects it from south to north.

In 1845 he was appointed to the chair of chemistry, physics and technology at the Wiesbaden Agricultural Institution, and three years later he became the first director of the chemical laboratory which he induced the Nassau government to establish at that place.

The waters in which chlorides form the purgative principle are those of Homburg, Kissingen, Wiesbaden and Baden Baden in Germany, and Bridge of Allan in Scotland.

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From 1771 to 1873 Wiesbaden was a notorious gambling resort; but in the latter year public gambling was suppressed by the Prussian government.

In November 1832 he went to Wiesbaden as rabbi of the synagogue, and became in 1835 one of the most 1 The words gige, gigen, geic appear suddenly in the M.