Sentence Examples with the word wide-eyed

She jerked her hand free and darted past the wide-eyed Claudette - up the stairs and into the safety of her room.

Carmen shoved a wide-eyed Destiny into his arms and turned to follow Dulce.

The foursome rode the gondola the short distance down from the parking area to the central village complex, with Donnie looking down, wide-eyed from the swinging car.

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Ms. Nightingale murmured a room number and motioned down a hall crowded with bodies like the day after Gettysburg while white-coated figures strolled among the moaning, clip boards in hand With wide-eyed Fred following behind, Dean ran the gauntlet until he found the room, a small office packed with five men and a lot of smoke, three of them in Philadelphia Police uniforms.

That wide-eyed innocent look and those full lips reminded him of a fairytale princess.