Sentence Examples with the word wide

The streets of Edmonton are wide and laid out in rectangular form.

Die natiirliche Tochter (1803), in which he began to embody his ideas of the Revolution on a wide canvas, proved impossible on the stage, and the remaining dramas, which were to have formed a trilogy, were never written.

It often accompanies a ship for days - not merely following it, but wheeling in wide circles round it - without ever being observed to alight on the water, and continues its flight, apparently untired, in tempestuous as well as in moderate weather.

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The canals were crossed by wooden bridges without steps, and in the case of the wide Grand Canal the bridge at Rialto was carried on boats.

Next minute there was a roar and a sharp crash, and at her side Dorothy saw the ground open in a wide crack and then come together again.

But it is notable that all recent volcanic action was confined to a wide belt parallel to the coast.

Its wide streets, of which the most important is the rue St Jean, shady boulevards, and public gardens enhance the attraction which the town derives from an abundance of fine churches and old houses.

Tarandus arcticus, which is a small animal with immense antlers characterized by the length of the beam, and the consequent wide separation of the terminal palmation from the brow-tine; and the other by the woodland-caribou (R.

The scenery of Euboea is perhaps the most beautiful in Greece, owing to the varied combinations of rock, wood and water; for from the uplands the sea is almost always in view, either the wide island-studded expanse of the Aegean, or the succession of lakes formed by the Euboic Sea, together with mountains of exquisite outline, while the valleys and maritime plains are clothed either with fruit trees or with plane trees of magnificent growth.

Canon Ainger's gentle wit and humour, his generosity and lovable disposition, endeared him to a wide circle.