Sentence Examples with the word why

The heaviness of her mind grew, until she wasn't certain why she should resist Darkyn in the first place.

She studied him, not understanding why the necklace with his family's souls was worth killing her for one day and not a concern the next.

He treated the struggle as one simply for the establishment of free institutions; and when at last the crimes of the leaders became patent to the world, he contented himself with lamenting the unfortunate fact, and fell back on the argument that though England could not sympathize with the French tyrants, there was no reason why she should go to war with them.

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Here again, apart from this theory, there is no obvious reason why the composition of different substances should be related in so simple a way.

He was curious why she was so emphatic and he didn't even consider mentioning the wife was the last to know.

Restless, he rose and paced again, wondering why Sasha needed an ancient healer in his zoo, a place where creatures came to suffer.

She'd wondered why A'Ran's water supplies were located on the nearest moon, a logistical obstacle.

You didn't answer me the other night when I asked you why the accident freaked you out so much.

The problem is a very difficult one and cannot be regarded as definitely settled, but it is difficult to understand why all this additional complexity in the division of the nucleus should be necessary if the final result is only a quantitative separation of the chromatin.

I am ordered to write a memorandum explaining why we are not advancing.