Sentence Examples with the word whole tone

Praetor ius's Cammerton, or chamber pitch, formulated in his diagrams for voices and instruments, is, he says, a whole tone higher; equivalent, therefore, to a' 475.65.

The veneration in which he was held by the Athenians serves to dissipate the calumnies which have been thrown on his character by Andreas, and the whole tone of his writings bespeaks a man of the highest integrity and purest morality.

Strasburg was French territory in 1713, but Silbermann's organ is not quite a whole tone below.

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In one passage he distinctly says the old organ high pitch had been a whole tone above his Cammerton, with which we shall find his tertia minore combines to make the required interval.

They are post-exilic in their whole tone and belong to a time when prophecy had ceased and the synagogue worship was fully established (lxxiv.

These inauspicious beginnings, indeed, set the whole tone of the war, which was frankly one of mutual extermination.

He introduced and practised the forms of the sonnet, canzon, ode, epistle in oitava rim y and in tercets, and the epigram, and raised the whole tone of poetry.