Sentence Examples with the word white oak

He has a great bundle of white oak bark under his arm for a sick man, gathered this Sunday morning.

On the 29th of March the movement began, followed in rapid succession by the combats of White Oak Road and Dinwiddie Court House and Sheridan's great victory of Five Forks.

On June 30 Jackson got into action with Whiting's division at White Oak Swamp, while Longstreet encountered the Federals at Frazier's Farm (or Glendale).

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In the northeast the ridges are more numerous and higher than in the southwest, where White Oak Ridge and Taylor's Mountain are among the highest, although Missionary and Chickamauga Ridges are better known, because of their association with battles of the Civil War.

Except on the summits of the higher mountains New Hampshire was originally an unbroken forest of which the principal trees were the white pine, hemlock, sugar maple, yellow birch, beech, red oak, and white oak in the S., red spruce, balsam, and white birch on the upper mountain slopes, and red spruce, white pine, sugar maple, white spruce and white cedar in the other parts of the N.

The white oak is the most common, but there are thirteen other varieties of oak, six of hickory, five of ash, five of poplar, five of pine, three of elm, three of birch, two of locust and two of cherry.