Sentence Examples with the word white nile

Thence it turns west, crosses the White Nile near Abba Island, and is continued to El Obeid.

The exploration of the river followed the ascent of the White Nile by the Egyptian expeditions of 1839-1842.

They occupy the country west of the White Nile between the Shilluk territory and Dar Nuba, being found principally in Kordofan.

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On it converge various trade routes, notably from Darfur and from Dueim, a town on the White Nile 125 m.

The mudirias are Haifa, Red Sea, Dongola and Berber in the north (these include practically all the region known as Nubia); Khartum, Blue Nile and White Nile in the centre; Kassala and Sennar in the east; Kordofan in the west; and Bahrel-Ghazal, Upper Nile (formerly Fashoda) and Mongalla in the south.

Captains Speke and Grant, who had travelled through Uganda and came down the White Nile in 1863, and Sir Samuel Baker, who went up the same river as far as Albert Nyanza, brought back harrowing tales of the misery caused by the slave-hunters.

A line of stations was established from the Sobat confluence on the White Nile to the frontier of Uganda - to which country he proposed to open a route from Mombasa - and considerable progress was made in the suppression of the slave trade.

A railway, built in 1909-1910, connects Khartum, Wad Medani and Sennar with Kordofan, the White Nile being bridged near Goz Abu Guma.

When about twenty years old he went to live on Abba Island on the White Nile about i s so m.