Sentence Examples with the word whispered

As for the Jury, the members whispered to each other for a few minutes and then they appointed the Hungry Tiger their spokesman.

Kutuzov rode to Dobroe on his plump little white horse, followed by an enormous suite of discontented generals who whispered among themselves behind his back.

He winked at the butler, whispered directions to the footmen, and awaited each expected dish with some anxiety.

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Edith didn't say a word to me when she came in, just whispered something to Donnie and was up the stairs.

Karl Ivanich always says that sleep is more important than anything, whispered Princess Mary with a sigh.

She could feel it in his soft kisses on her neck, in the way he whispered her name.

A tiny voice whispered a warning about the longing that consumed her.

There was something which she wished very much to know before going home, and so, without thinking, she had leaned over and whispered just three little words.

It was generally understood that H Lord Carnarvon, who had been made viceroy of ome Ireland, had been in communication with Parnell; that Lord Salisbury was aware of the interviews which had taken place; and it was whispered that Lord Carnarvon was in favor of granting some sort of administrative autonomy to Ireland.

Kutuzov's adjutant whispered to Prince Andrew that this was the wife of the priest whose home it was, and that she intended to offer his Serene Highness bread and salt.