Sentence Examples with the word while

For a while the king was in the hands of the conspirators, who purposed murdering or deposing him, but the people and the army rallied round him; he recovered power, crushed the Sicilian rebels, had Bonello blinded, and in a short campaign reduced the rest of the Regno.

Some are found in more or less open plains, while others inhabit swampy districts.

The individual, like the phenomena of sense, comes out of the infinite and again is merged; hence on the one hand he is never a separate entity at all, while on the other hand he exists in the infinite and must continue to exist.

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Simply men, people, while the despised races around them, collectively IjSWT, desert-peoples, were distinguished by special appellations.

As the former are only active in the air while the latter are anaerobic, the activity of either agent is conditioned by variation in the water level of the bog.

On the other hand it must be taken into account that Hellenism had as yet only been a very short while in the world.

Carruthers compared the usually non-cellular structure of Nematophycus with that of Siphoneae such as Halimeda, while recognizing the points of resemblance to Laminariaceae (e.g.

The church follows the plan adopted by the Austin canons in their northern abbeys, and has only one aisle to the nave - that to the north; while the choir is long, narrow and aisleless.

Until 1905 the largest known diamond in the world was the Excelsior, found in 1893 at Jagersfontein by a native while loading a truck.

It was Moses Mendelssohn's German translation of the Pentateuch (1 7 80 - 1 793) which marked the new spirit, while the views of his opponents belong to a bygone age.