Sentence Examples with the word whatever

For a whole evening she will sit at the table writing whatever comes into her busy brain; and I seldom find any difficulty in reading what she has written.

The deputies of the Extreme Left, instead of using their influence in favor of pacification, could think of nothing better than to demand an immediate convocation of parliament in order that they might present a bill forbidding the troops and police to use their arms in all conflicts between capital and labor, whatever the provocation might be.

Maybe, if she made it out of here, she'd go to lunch Sunday and do whatever felt right, like spend her life with him.

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So long as a man's eyes are open in the light, the act of seeing is involuntary; that is, he cannot then help mechanically seeing whatever objects are before him.

After a diligent search, no pottery whatever was found.

It was construed in a broad sense to cover all who, with whatever differences, held the unipersonalityof the Divine Being.

I remember his caressing touch as he led me from tree to tree, from vine to vine, and his eager delight in whatever pleased me.

All candidates, from whatever source they come, are subject to approval or rejection by their brother officers before being definitively commissioned.

If a man has faith, he will co-operate with equal faith everywhere; if he has not faith, he will continue to live like the rest of the world, whatever company he is joined to.

With the principle that whatever is real is rational, and whatever is rational is real, Hegel fancied that he had stopped the mouths of political critics and constitution-mongers.