Sentence Examples with the word western hemisphere

His regional commanders were the only two people in the world who would challenge him: the cold master assassin in charge of the western hemisphere and the warm master negotiator in charge of the eastern hemisphere.

The Pan-American Exposition, in celebration of the progress of the Western hemisphere in the nineteenth century, was held there (May 1-November 2, 1901).

With all the Guardians in the western hemisphere and god-powers granted him by Damian, he'd been the weak link.

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In the western hemisphere they range along the Mexican highlands and the Andes far into the tropics, while in the Old World the genus, well represented in the Himalayas and the hills of China, exists likewise in the peninsula of Malacca, in the Indian Archipelago and Malaya to the Philippine Islands and Borneo.

In all parts of the western hemisphere society was organized on cognate kinship, real or artificial, the unit being the clan.