Sentence Examples with the word went with

Pierre went with her to the bed on which the sick man had been laid in a stately pose in keeping with the ceremony just completed.

At his advanced age he went with his youngest child to Panama to see with his own eyes the field of his new enterprise.

On the rest of the way to Moscow, though the princess' position was not a cheerful one, Dunyasha, who went with her in the carriage, more than once noticed that her mistress leaned out of the window and smiled at something with an expression of mingled joy and sorrow.

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The Emperor greeted the officers and the Semenov guard, and again pressing the old man's hand went with him into the castle.

She went with Jesus on the last journey to Jerusalem, witnessed the Crucifixion, followed to the burial, and returned to prepare spices.

With a firm resolution not to betray herself and not show her agitation, she sent for Mademoiselle Bourienne and went with her to the drawing room.

When part of the fleet revolted against the parliament, and joined the prince of Wales in Holland, May 1648, Batten went with them.

Expelled from that city in 513, he went with his followers to stir up strife in Constantinople, and succeeded in bringing about the deposition of the orthodox bishop, Macedonius, and of Flavian, bishop; of Antioch.

He himself stayed behind, as he feared that, if he went with them, Caraffa at Rome, together with Dr Ortiz, a German opponent in Paris and now Charles V.'s ambassador at the Vatican, would prejudice the pope against them.

Cranmer went with two of his pupils named Cressy, related to him through their mother, to their father's house at Waltham in Essex.