Sentence Examples with the word wellbeing

The decline has been greatest where the standard of comfort is notoriously high, as in the United States, England and Australasia; also in France, where the general wellbeing reaches probably a lower depth in the community than in any other part of Europe.

Leading politicians have in all the states felt the cramping effects of mere domestic legislation, albeit on the proper direction of such legislation depends the wellbeing of the people; and to this sense of the limitations of local politics was due, as much as to anything else, the movement towards federation.

The pilgrimage was so intimately connected with the wellbeing of Mecca, and had already such a hold on the Arabs round about, that Mahomet could not afford to sacrifice it to an abstract purity of religion, and thus the old usages were transplanted into Islam in the double form of the omra or vow of pilgrimage to Mecca, which can be discharged at any time, and the hajj or pilgrimage at the great annual feast.

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Finally, after lunch, Dean telephoned Jake Weller, first to report on Martha's wellbeing and in hopes of learning more about Fitzgerald's whereabouts.

None was longer than a page and each asked after Annie's health and wellbeing and then added a few lines that mentioned that all was well in Boston.