Sentence Examples with the word well-to-do

Its altitude gives the city a cool invigorating climate, making it a favourite summer residence for the well-to-do classes of Rio.

The well-to-do whites of Cartagena usually have country houses on the Turbaco hills, where the temperature is much lower than on the coast.

Few provinces in Spain are inhabited by so laborious, active and well-to-do a population.

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MANDELL CREIGHTON (1843-1901), English historian and bishop of London, was born at Carlisle on the 5th of July 1843, being the eldest son of Robert Creighton, a well-to-do upholsterer of that city.

In 1905 the Opposition made an effort to effect a change of policy, and were successful in obtaining the election of Lizaro Garcia, a well-to-do merchant and a director of the Banco commercial y Agricola.

The manufactures of lace, carpets and curtains, furniture and carriages may be particularly mentioned, but it is chiefly as a place of residence for the well-to-do that the city has increased in size and population.

Thus the buildings forming the residence of a well-to-do farmer of the bo-aire class as described in the Laws, consisted of a living-house in which he slept and took his meals, a cookinghouse, a kiln for drying corn, a barn, a byre for calves, a sheepfold and a pigsty.

Various attempts were also made to improve trade and industry by abolishing the still remaining privileges of the Hanseatic towns, by promoting a wholesale immigration of skilful and well-to-do Dutch traders and handicraftsmen into Denmark under most favourable conditions, by opening up the rich fisheries of the Arctic seas, and by establishing joint-stock chartered companies both in the East and the West Indies.

All this time the brutal work of the Blood Council went on, as did the exodus of thousands upon thousands of industrious and well-to-do citizens, and with each year the detestation felt for Alva and his rule steadily increased.

Justice is administered, on the whole, with fairness and impartiality; but the taxation seems too heavy for the means of the people, indeed it is affirmed by trustworthy natives that the well-to-do classes are being gradually drained of their property.