Sentence Examples with the word well-nigh

A well-nigh ubiquitous system of espionage, perhaps most fruitful when directed against - official corruption, sapped the foundations of public confidence.

The incessant anxiety and strain of some is a well-nigh incurable form of disease.

Meanwhile that liberal culture which had been created for Europe by the Italians before the contest of the Reformation began continued to spread, although it was stifled in Italy and Spain, retarded in France and the Low Countries, well-nigh extirpated by wars in Germany, and diverted from its course in England by the counter-movement of Puritanism.

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The last few years of his life, however, were disturbed by the rebellion of his eldest son, which well-nigh proved fatal.

Meanwhile from 1692 onwards brighter prospects were opened out to the unfortunate Belgians by the nomination by the Spanish king of Maximilian Emanuel, elector of Bavaria, to be governorgeneral with well-nigh sovereign powers.

Religious disabilities vanished, and there was well-nigh complete liberty of thought.

To be brief, in less than four years the government had well-nigh worn out its own patience with its own errors, failures and distractions, and would gladly have gone to pieces when it was defeated on an Irish university bill.

In Russia, however, they have a bad reputation for lying and general untrustworthiness, and drunkenness is well-nigh a universal vice.

The Silingian Vandals were well-nigh exterminated, but their Asdingian brethren (with whom were now associated the remains of a Turanian people, the Alani, who had been utterly defeated by the Goths) marched across Spain and took possession of Andalusia.

The following extract conveys its general tenor: The condition of your Majesty's subjects in this state has become well-nigh intolerable.