Sentence Examples with the word well-informed

The invention of that ingenious dilemma for extorting contributions from poor and rich alike is ascribed as a tradition to Morton by Bacon; but the story is told in greater detail of Fox by Erasmus, who says he had it from Sir Thomas More, a well-informed contemporary authority.

But while his enemies taunted him with having twice wrecked his party - first the Radical party under Mr Gladstone, and secondly the Unionist party under Mr Balfour - no well-informed critic doubted his sincerity, or failed to recognize that in leaving the cabinet and embarking on his fiscal campaign he showed real devotion to an idea.

He edited the Patriote francais from 1789 to 1793, and being a well-informed and capable man took a prominent part in affairs.

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Nor was he (apart from his reception of legendary elements into his narrative) unworthy of the honour in which he was held; for he is really a great historian, in the form of his matter and in his conception of his subject - diligent, impartial, well-informed and interesting, if somewhat rhetorical in style and vague in chronology.

In many of the Balkan states he had well-informed agents.