Sentence Examples with the word well-defined

Its elements in the hieroglyphic form are pictorial, but each hieroglyph had one or more well-defined functions, fixed by convention in such a manner that the Egyptian language was expressed in writing word by word.

Conversely, nocturnal cooling produces well-defined descending breezes which issue from the valley mouths, sometimes attaining an unpleasant strength toward midnight.

To that definition, I would respectfully offer this qualification: I would say that disease has a well-defined center and very fuzzy edges.

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The most important are cuprous oxide, Cu 2 0, and cupric oxide, CuO, both of Oxides which give rise to well-defined series of salts.

While the large genus Drosera has an all but world-wide distribution, its congeners are restricted to well-defined and usually comparatively small areas.

BRACHIOPODA, an important and well-defined but extremely isolated class of invertebrates.

In many parts of the world there is no sharp line of demarcation between the Devonian and the Carboniferous rocks; neither can the fossil faunas and floras be clearly separated at any well-defined line; this is true in Britain, Belgium, Russia, Westphalia and parts of North America.

The collection of well-defined sites was tastefully arranged around a circular loop with about thirty camp sites on both the inside and outside of the narrow roadway.

The keen desire to be unconventional in applied art has spread from Great Britain and the United States to Germany, Austria and other countries, but without well-defined first principles, or limitations It seems agreed in a general way that the completed work in metal is to be wholly the conception and, as far as possible, the actual handiwork of the designer: casting by the tire-perdue process, left practically untouched from the mould, and embossing, being the two most favoured processes.

The possession of morphine by medical practitioners is also safeguarded by well-defined limitations.