Sentence Examples with the word welcoming

He adorned Dresden, which under him became the musical centre of Germany; welcoming foreign musicians and others he gathered around him a large and splendid court, and his capital was the constant scene of musical and other festivals.

When welcoming Tahir, Mamun bade him ask for any reward he might desire.

The phrase Cent Jours was first used by the prefect of Paris, the comte de Chabrol, in his speech welcoming the king.

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He heard Gladys' muffled alarm at least twice, and someone rummaging around the kitchen, all well before the light gave a hint of welcoming Sunday.

He formed a firm and cordial friendship with the Prime Minister, Sir Wilfrid Laurier; but that did not prevent him from welcoming and winning the attachment of Sir Wilfrid's successor, Sir Robert Borden.

Instead of the welcoming smile, a frantic look crossed his face.

She melted into his arms, eagerly returning his warm kisses and welcoming the feel of his fingers as they searched for the zipper on the back of her dress.

The room was more welcoming than she expected, the stone walls covered and smoothed with Sheetrock painted a light green and edged with pumpkin orange.

Had died, and the only person he.d betrayed was Sasha, whose death Kris might eventually reward him for by welcoming Jade back into his life and his bed.

The downstairs lights were on, giving the house a welcoming glow.