Sentence Examples with the word weekend

It was difficult returning to our mundane life after our weekend high.

She would remain in town for the weekend and Howie scheduled a cook out in her honor at his place.

Perhaps the weekend respite from the jury box had lessened Fred's apprehension.

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Howie didn't like the arrangement but realized we couldn't commute back and forth every weekend and maintain a life.

Thus satiated, the Deans were early to bed as the weekend ended, not for sleep or sex, although the later thought crossed the Mr.'s mind, but more as a private escape from being nice to the guests.

We managed the weekend in between together, mostly catching up on domestic chores; Friday night in the downstairs laundry room of my apartment.

For all you gadabouts and tourists used to driving hither and yon, a weekend trip to New England is a piece of cake.

Fred was back to worrying not only about Martha, but his duty with the reconvening jury after the weekend hiatus.

He offered an exchange for a later getaway weekend at Bird Song for the man and his wife.

The conversation slipped back to our New York life with our sojourn in New Hampshire relegated to a fun, if bizarre weekend with friends.