Sentence Examples with the word wedding

They went to separate rooms to change out of their wedding attire - probably the last time they would do so separately.

I hope you'll play both Wedding Planner and Matron of honor.

The hawthorn has been regarded as the emblem of hope, and its branches are stated to have been carried by the ancient Greeks in wedding processions, and to have been used by them to deck the altar of Hymen.

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There are aesthetic factors to bear in mind and your diamond wedding ring holds also a deeper significance.

The wedding took place the Sunday before the election for Ouray County Sheriff.

The wedding cake rose gracefully in three tiers, graced with crystal staircases and small cakes on either side.

The wedding (described in the fine Epithalamium of Catullus) took place in Chiron's cave on Mt Pelion.

Glancing at Katie in the mirror as she helped with the wedding dress, Carmen spoke jokingly.

His good fortune soon led him from conquest to spoliation, and he complicated his master-idea of the grand empire by his Family Compact; the clan of the Bonapartes invaded European monarchies, wedding with princesses of blood- royal, and adding kingdom to kingdom.

He crossed over to Angus, and took part in the wedding of his illegitimate daughter with the heir of the earl of Crawford.