Sentence Examples with the word weaving

The industry is not well developed, but the weaving of linen and lace is pursued as a household industry.

Although the protective tariffs thus imposed have resulted in a large increase in manufacturing industries, some of them have been antagonistic to the productive interests of the country, as in the case of weaving mills which use imported yarns.

Throughout the meal she led the subject a weaving path around the animals, the weather, and work on the nursery.

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In Bulak are several factories founded by Mehemet Ali for spinning, weaving and printing cotton, and a paper-mill established by the khedive Ismail in 1870.

The surrounding country is fertile and highly cultivated, and the large quantities of flax and hemp there raised encourage an active weaving industry in the town.

Forest culture, mat-making, weaving and fish-breeding are also practised, the last-named in the marshes after the rice harvest.

As cotton came to the front, just at the time when machine-spinning and power-loom weaving were being introduced, the result was that in many localities where flax crops had been grown for ages, the culture gradually drooped and ultimately ceased.

In the 13th century these towns had become the seat of large industrial populations (varying according to different estimates from ioo,000 to 200,000 inhabitants), employed upon the weaving of cloth with its dependent industries, and closely bound up by trade interests with England, from whence they obtained the wool for their looms. Bruges, at that time connected with the sea by the river Zwijn and with Sluis as its port, was the central mart and exchange of the world's commerce.

It shows a fine combination of mildness with severity; the language is simple but powerful, and, while there is undoubtedly a lack of original ideas, the author shows remarkable skill in weaving together pregnant sentences and impressive warnings selected from the apostolic epistles and the first Epistle of Clement.

There are indigo factories, and other industries include the weaving of tussur silk and the making of coarse glass.