Sentence Examples with the word weakness

He'd seen from burying his brother that a king's greatest weakness was the woman at his side.

In uniting with this the Associationism which he inherited, through his father, from Hume, he revealed at once the strength and weakness of the dual conception of naturalism.

Between 374 and 377 we read of grievous complaints of injustice and extortion perpetrated under legal forms, the result probably of the recent panic, and pointing to an increasing weakness and timidity at headquarters.

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The Peninsular War called for large forces of the old Grande Arsnee and for a brief period Napoleon directed operations in person; and the Austrians took advantage of the dissemination and weakness of the French forces in Germany to push forward their own preparations with renewed energy.

Perhaps the most notable feature about the administration is the weakness of the governor's position.

She filed her discovery as the only known weakness of the vamp.

Moreover, it is a human weakness to manipulate one's ancestry, and the common claim to be descended from the local godling is not to be confused with the Arunta type of reincarnation.4 Again, in the part taken by women in serpent-lore other problems of primitive society and religion intermingle.

But the weakness of Orleans was too palpable, and in a famous remark Mirabeau expressed his utter contempt for him.

But notwithstanding this, the relation is broken off, and years elapse before David gains hold upon the Hebrews of north Israel, the weakness of the union being proved by the ease with which it was subsequently broken after Solomon's death.

Profiting by-Louis XII.s weakness and the emperor Maximilians strange capricious character, this martial pope sacrificed Italian and religious interests alike in order to re-establish the temporal power of the papacy.