Sentence Examples with the word wayward

Rev. Martin and his socially conscious wife must have dined there many a time, perhaps as poor Annie, like some wayward match girl, hovered outside.

He forced calmness into his voice as the thought of a wayward body resurrected very unpleasant memories.

When the Church in turn began to produce a theology of her own she was imitating as well as guarding against those wayward spirits.

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One hand gracefully held the folds of her dress and the other brushed a wayward curl from her forehead.

To these may be added (excluding general commentaries on the Old Testament) the two acute but wayward commentaries of Hitzig (1836, 1863-1865), that of Delitzsch (1859-1860, then in shorter form in several editions since 1867; Eng.

Yet lom 978 to 991 no irreparable harm came to England; the machinery for government and defence which his ancestors had establshed seemed fairly competent to defend the realm even under a wayward and incapable king.

The young king was generous and was endowed with considerable intellectual gifts; but passing as he did from Annos gloomy palace at Cologne to Adalberts residence in Bremen, whore he was petted and flattered, he became wayward and wilful.

The choice of his governor, the patriotic historiographer Hans Svaning, was so far fortunate that it ensured the devotion of the future king of Denmark to everything Danish; but Svaning was a poor pedagogue, and the wild and wayward lad suffered all his life from the defects of his early training.

Were childishly wayward and capriciously autocratic; both were recklessly indifferent to the feelings, convictions and wishes of those around them; both took a passionate interest in the minutiae of military affairs; as Peter had conceived a boundless admiration for Frederick the Great, so Paul conceived a similar admiration for Napoleon, and both suddenly reversed the national policy to suit this feeling; both were singularly blind to the consequences of their foolish conduct; and both fell victims to court conspiracies which could be in some measure justified, or at least excused, on patriotic grounds.

A man so passionless as Godwin could venture thus to argue without suspicion that he did so only to gratify his wayward desires.