Sentence Examples with the word waterfall

The simple assertion was a waterfall after a month without a drop of information about her.

Long, which cuts a way through the Cordillera, and enters the Pacific at Istapa, after forming at San Pedro a fine waterfall more than 200 ft.

When he reached the waterfall at the base of the storage pond, the mist rose up from the cascade, creating a myriad of icy fingers of crystal in the cold air.

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Of these the largest are the Semene and Senkunyane (little Senku) and the best known the Maletsunyane, by reason of its magnificent waterfall - an unbroken leap of 630 ft.

Cynthia enthusiastically described Yankee Boy, a natural mountain bowl with its picture perfect waterfall and profusion of flowers.

The Nera, which rises in the lofty group of the Monte della Sibilla, is a considerable stream, and brings with it the waters of the Velino (with its tributaries the Turano and the Salto), which joins it a few miles below its celebrated waterfall at Terni.

After a few minutes rest, they continued, first hearing, then seeing the waterfall and the reservoir from which the penstock first drew the water for its mile-long trip to town.

Kiera looked around, speechless at the soaring ceilings, the atrium with a waterfall in the foyer, and pristine white walls covered with the multi-colored roping.

Other points of interest are Malham Cove and tarn, the ravine of Gordale Scar, the cliffs of Attermyre, Giggleswick Scar and Castleberg (the last immediately above Settle itself), the Clapham and Weathercote caves, the chasm of Helln Pot and the waterfall of Stainforth Foss.

Thus canoe navigation may be carried on for hundreds of miles, with here and there a waterfall or a rapid requiring a portage of a few hundred yards or at most a mile or two.