Sentence Examples with the word watcher

A Watcher appearing in his kitchen was the worst sign of impending doom yet.

It was the complete antithesis to my own watcher life of conformity.

He ignored the irritated Watcher and shrugged deeper into his blanket.

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He felt her distress through their bond and suspected the Watcher upset her.

The answer from her Watcher was far briefer than its normal exchanges.

He needed to contact Damian, the White God, above all, and share what the Watcher had told him.

He was coiled and ready to snap if the Watcher so much as looked at her too long.

If he were to be here, the chain of events set to occur would change, and not for the better, the Watcher interjected.

The Watcher led her to a hole in the back of a tunnel, and they emerged in a sunny, warm world.

He suspected Czerno's Watcher allies tipped him off.