Sentence Examples with the word waste

Of all generals Wellington was the last to waste a single trained man, and the sight of the breaches of Badajoz after the storm for a moment unnerved even his iron sternness.

Ultimately the waste gas is drawn off by a chimney, or sometimes by mechanical means.

If this be true, the southern district will furnish a good illustration of an advanced stage of the cycle of arid erosion, in which the exportation of waste from enclosed depressions by the wind has played an important part.

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Though there is great waste of labour, he can apply his labour when he likes; no permission is required from a government official; no one has to be bribed.

There is lack of unity in plan and grouping, and an enormous waste of material as compared with available room.

The natives are ordinarily under the direct rule of their own recognized chiefs, but in all the organized districts the governor alone has the power of life or death, of levying taxes, of carrying on war, of controlling waste lands and forests, and of administering justice to non-natives.

He filled Fred in on his conversation with Cece Baldwin and tried to dismiss the entire case as a waste of time.

Cruel means of repression assisted natural hardships and the carelessness of the administration in depopulating and laying waste the countryside; while Louis XIV.s martial and ostentatious policy was even more disastrous than pestilence and famine, when Louvois advice prevailed in council over that of Colbert, now embittered and desperate.

I would love to write about how all the time that drivers waste driving will be returned to them to spend however they like and how there will never be another traffic death, another DWI, or another driver who falls asleep at the wheel.

Mr. Starbuck, mind that cooper don't waste the spare staves.