Sentence Examples with the word washed

The harshness of the treatment meted out by Maurice to his father's old friend, the faithful counsellor and protector of his own early years, leaves a stain upon the stadholder's memory which can never be washed away.

This on being washed and decomposed with hydrochloric acid yielded a stream of acetylene gas.

Terror washed over her at his calm, controlled words.

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River sand and the sharp grit washed up sometimes by the road side are excellent materials for laying around choice bulbs at planting time to prevent contact with earth which is perhaps manure-tainted.

In this way curd, mottled or marbled soap is formed, and such mottled appearance was formerly highly valued as an indication of freedom from excess of water or other adulteration, because in fitted soaps the impurities are either washed out or fall to the bottom of the mass in cooling.

It is washed by ejecting a jet of water, ammonia or other prescribed liquid on to the side of the filter paper until the paper is nearly full.

Of course, the trail would be twice as dangerous now, with slippery wet rocks and washed out places.

A wave of loneliness washed over her.

Ceremony, at which the xoanon (ancient wooden statue) of Athena was washed in the river Inachus, a symbol of her purification after the Gigantomachia.

Damian's home videos played, intertwined with those of others, until a wave of power washed over her.