Sentence Examples with the word warrant

After the fall of Struensee (the warrant for whose arrest he signed with indifference), for the last six-and-twenty years of his reign, he was only nominally king.

The judges of Amiens, however, pursued him with a warrant for his arrest, which took place in Brumaire of the year II.

These statements do not warrant us in supposing that they rejected i and 2 Peter, though other Greek sources allege it.

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Their form, however, is not sufficiently characteristic to warrant this identification, though it may be noted that the nearest approximation to phallic worship is found amongst the most typical of African peoples, viz.

For his opposition in 1820 to a law by which any person might be arrested and detained on a warrant signed by three ministers, he was summoned before a court of assize, but acquitted.

In some cases the closest examination has failed to detect any distinction that may be called specific between the members of their avifauna; but in most it is possible to discover just sufficient difference to warrant a separation of the subjects.

If your Dad is feeling bad enough to warrant medical attention, he needs to see a doctor, not a nurse.

The fauna of Siberia is closely akin to that of central Europe; and the Ural Mountains, although the habitat of a few species which warrant the naturalist in regarding the southern Urals as a separate region,, are not so important a boundary zoologically as they are botanically.

The arrest of the offender had to be by warrant signed by at least six knights, and during the process of charge and trial he remained not in prison but dans l'aimable compagnie du dit ordre.

The book was condemned (June loth, 1734), the copies seized and burnt, a warrant issued against the author and his dwelling searched.