Sentence Examples with the word warped

The native archaeologists of the present day hold a recognized position in the scientific world; the patriotic sentiment of former times, which prompted their zeal but occasionally warped their judgment, has been merged in devotion to science for its own sake, and the supervision of excavations, as well as the control of the art-collections, is now in highly competent hands.

Rom., is by a contemporary of the pope, but nevertheless of slight importance; Leti's Vita di Sisto V (Amsterdam, 1693, translated into English by Farneworth, 1779) is a caricature, full of absurd tales, utterly untrustworthy, wanting even the saving merit of style; Tempesti's Storia della vita e geste di Sisto Quinto (Rome, 1 7541 755) is valuable for the large use it makes of the original sources, but lacks perspective and is warped by the author's blind admiration for his subject; Cesare's Vita di Sisto V (Naples, 1755) is but an 'abridgment of Tempesti.

Yet, whilst such latent postulates warped his view of things, they did not entirely determine his method.

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The roof was the soundest part, though a good deal warped and made brittle by the sun.

The village rises steeply above a very narrow cove on the north coast, sheltered, but difficult of access, vessels having to be warped into it by means of hawsers.

Is everyone all right? he thought, stopping for a moment with a sinking heart, and then immediately starting to run along the hall and up the warped steps of the familiar staircase.

Yet in spite of his searching study of authorities, his keen judgment of men, and his perception of underlying principles of moral law, his view was warped by the heat of faction, which glows beneath his external objectivity.

But His Montcalm Et Levis (1891) And Other Works On The Conquest, Are' All Warped By A Strong Bias Against Both Wolfe And Montcalm, And In Favour Of Vandreuil, The Canadian Born Governor; While They Show An Inadequate Grasp Of Military Problems, And' Practically Ignore The Vast Determining Factor Of Sea Powei Altogether.

It is true that his view of Greek thought is somewhat warped by Hegelian formalism.

To ensure this deposition, it is necessary to surround the field to be warped with a strong embankment, in order to retain the water as the tide recedes.