Sentence Examples with the word warm

Friday night the weather was warm and clear.

One evening Carmen prepared a nice supper and put it on low heat in the oven to keep it warm while she dressed.

When he didn't return immediately, her gaze fell to the warm bowl of water.

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His grip was warm and firm, as it had been the day he prevented her from falling on her face in front of Romas's relations.

The process is suited to easy ores and a region where the climate is warm and dry, and horseor mule-power, labour and quicksilver are cheaper than fuel and water.

He bent his head, his warm lips planting gentle kisses along her neck and shoulder.

As regards treatment, the stomach must be washed out with warm water by means of a soft rubber tube, an emetic being also administered.

According to Thomas Moore, Lord Edward Fitzgerald was the only one of the numerous suitors of Sheridan's first wife whose attentions were received with favour; and it is certain that, whatever may have been its limits, a warm mutual affection subsisted between the two.

She squirmed, unwilling to be defenseless with the tarantulas so close and uneasy with the warm energy flowing again between them.

His warm hand on her waist was reassuring.