Sentence Examples with the word warlord

For all his sacrifice and devotion to one foolish Tiyan Warlord after another, he had nothing.

Sirian sat at the head of the long table, graciously accepting the warlord's normal seat while the warlord risked her life to return to her people.

Memon wanted Tiyan on its knees, and the warlord of Tiyan owed him one oath, the gift of his choice.

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He was the first man to stand behind her ten years earlier when the title of Tiyan's warlord fell to her, when several elders in the kingdom objected to the title falling to a woman.

He released his pent-up rage and frustration and gave a bellowing war cry, trying hard to forget the warlord of Tiyan.

The gods have long favored my line with male heirs - -we have never had this female warlord as an heir.

The Warlord cured his wife and daughter of illness when Sirian refused them entry.

There are some who say a female Warlord will bring a curse upon us, but we don't believe this, he added.

The warlord Taran invites you into Tiyan's walls in three days' time for a feast.

It was only when his anger calmed that he realized what the warlord of Tiyan was trying to do.