Sentence Examples with the word war department

Carnot was elected one of the five Directors in November 1795, and continued to direct the war department during the campaign of 1796.

On this ground during his presidential administration Mr Roosevelt was deeply concerned in many measures for improving the administrative side of the War Department and educating, training and strengthening the army.

His administration of the war department during the Spanish-American War was severely criticized for extravagance in army contracts, for unpreparedness, and for general inefficiency, charges which he answered in his The Spanish-American War (1901).

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As a soldier desiring active service he naturally chose the American post; but the apparent motive of the War Department to humiliate him aroused criticism.

The earliest experiments of this nature are due to Benjamin Robins in 1743 and Count Rumford in 1792; and their method has been revived by Dr Kellner, War Department chemist, who 5 employed the steel spheres of bicycle ball-bearings as safetyvalves, loaded to register the pressure at which the powdergas will blow off, and thereby check the indications of the crusher-gauge (Proc. R.S., March 1895).

It is convenient, to mention in this place certain institutions attached to the war department and completing the French military organization.

Resigning from the army in 1836, he became a civil engineer and constructor of railways, and was engaged under the war department in survey work.

FREEDMEN'S BUREAU (officially the Bureau Of Freedmen, Refugees And Abandoned Lands), a bureau created in the United States war department by an act of Congress, 3rd of March 1865, to last one year, but continued until 1872 by later acts passed over the president's veto.

Some of the business of the war department in those days fell to the colonial office, and Germain was practically the director of the war for the suppression of the revolt in the American colonies.

Carr in charge of the war department building, while Congress came to Stanton's rescue by impeaching the president, the principal article of impeachment being that based on the removal of Stanton (see Johnson, Andrew).