Sentence Examples with the word wanting

It should be noted that butterflies are the chief agents in securing the continued existence of such alpine flowers as depend on insect fertilization, the other insect fertilizers being mostly wanting at great heights.

It differs from the true crocodile principally in having the head broader and shorter, and the snout more obtuse; in having the fourth, enlarged tooth of the under jaw received, not into an external notch, but into a pit formed for it within the upper one; in wanting a jagged fringe which appears on the hind legs and feet of the crocodile; and in having the toes of the hind feet webbed not more than half way to the tips.

She knocked and inched away, not wanting to find her neighbor and dog dead.

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Brandon clutched his hands together across from Jessi, as if wanting to hug his sister but unwilling to make such a gesture.

Not wanting to deal with him at all, she took the coffee out to the porch and left, even more irritated to see he wore the necklace she desperately needed to steal.

Nevertheless, instances are not wanting amongst the Greeks of private prayers of the loftiest and most disinterested tone (cf.

She dropped the hands acting as a barrier between them, wanting to feel the comfort he offered, and rested her hands against his chest.

She eyed it nervously, not wanting to venture past the safety of the bedroom.

Nor with the immemorial superstition of their race, and in accordance with the preternaturalness, as it seemed, which in many things invested the Pequod, were there wanting some of the seamen who swore that whenever and wherever descried; at however remote times, or in however far apart latitudes and longitudes, that unnearable spout was cast by one self-same whale; and that whale, Moby Dick.

Fritz and Royce were squatted close to the fire, probably not wanting to get far from the food.