Sentence Examples with the word wanted

Her tears rose at the sight of both creatures, one who wanted to drag her to Hell and the other who wanted her dead.

While he wanted to avoid further involvement in Edith Shipton's troubled world, he felt proud of his wife inherent sense of compassion toward anyone in trouble.

He got what he wanted and is waiting for me to fail his test to take this back.

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She'd wanted a second night with him since the first, and the passion of his kiss reminded her of how incredible it was to be the center of his world.

In fact, she felt angry, and she wanted to see the galley to confirm this all wasn't an elaborate hallucination.

She wanted to inflict pain.

She'd have to approach one of them eventually if she ever wanted her powers back.

This would be a good time to take him to the special place she had constructed, and she so wanted to visit it.

She wanted to deck her mirror image.

Christian teachers, especially those who had a leaning towards Gnostic speculations, took an interest in natural history, partly because of certain passages of Scripture that they wanted to explain, and partly on account of the divine revelation in the book of nature, of which also it was man's sacred duty to take proper advantage.