Sentence Examples with the word wan

The fortune of war in- batons dined at first in favor of the royalists, who captured wan Northampton and Nottingham.

Based on conquest as the Aztec kingdom was, and with the most bloodthirsty religion the world ever saw, the nation was, above all, Wan a fighting community.

He would stand still for hours: but never sat or leaned; his wan but wondrous eyes did plainly say--We two watchmen never rest.

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Lu had a great name among the other states of Chow, its marquises being descended from the duke of Chow, the legislator and consolidator of the dynasty which had been founded by his father and brother, the famous kings Wan and Wu.

The protectors offer to restore Boulogne could not purchase French acquiescence in the union of England and Scotland; and the bickerings on the borders in France and open fighting in Scotland led the French to declare wan on England in August 1549.

All the advantages wan were hastily surrendered, and Montecucculi, sharply following up the retreat of the French, drove them over the Rhine and almost to the Vosges.

Civil Wan He lost the island, which gave itself to Aragon; and of Gue!phs thus the kingdom of Sicily was severed from that of anj Naples, the dynasty in the one being Spanish and Ghibelline, in the other French and Guelph.