Sentence Examples with the word waltz

A third was playing a Viennese waltz on the clavichord, while a fourth, lying on the clavichord, sang the tune.

When a Christmas waltz began, a warm hand gripped her elbow.

When I'm ready to destroy the world, you waltz in like it's nothing.

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While the facility lacked artificial ice, piped in waltz music, a snack bar and a Zamboni, there was no fee charge and it was lighted for nighttime use, making it a very popular spot.

A live band started playing a waltz and he dropped a hand to her waist.

Effie Quincy rushed in the door while Dean was drumming his fingers, listening to waltz music on hold.

No demon can waltz into the middle of my stronghold without being chopped to pieces.

The radio was playing a waltz as she walked through the family room and she moved to the sway of it, dancing with an imaginary friend.

And then to waltz in and deliver such an important message at a time when he wanted nothing more than to remain infuriated with her for her actions ...

Alex chuckled and relinquished the remainder of the waltz to him.