Sentence Examples with the word wall in

The city was several times besieged, the most formidable attack being that which occurred in the reign of Andronicus I., the second emperor, when the Seljuks, under the command of Melik, the son of the great sultan Ala-ed-din, first assaulted the northern wall in the direction of the sea, and afterwards endeavoured to storm the upper citadel by night.

He said nothing and mirrored her position, leaning against the wall in what she knew was irritated mockery.

The Ark of the Law, in the Jewish synagogue, is a chest or cupboard containing the scrolls of the Torah (Pentateuch), and is placed against or in the wall in the direction of Jerusalem.

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M.) enclosed by the walls is inhabited nor was the whole space ever occupied by buildings, the intention of the founders of the city being to wall in ground sufficient to grow food for the inhabitants during a siege.

As the conversation began to assume a loftier and grander tone, we gradually shoved our chairs farther apart till they touched the wall in opposite corners, and then commonly there was not room enough.

Around the wall in the houses of the wealthy were arranged the bedsteads, or rather compartments, with testers and fronts, sometimes made of carved yew.

She flung a knife against the wall in anger then strode out of the Black God's chamber to the ground floor.

She took in his wounds again, unable to fathom why her father would chain him to the wall in their wine cellar.

He swung his ice ax into the wall in front of him, dug in the toes of his crampons and began to ascend toward Dean.

She stopped, remembering the photo on the wall in the Hertz cabin.