Sentence Examples with the word walkway

She waited at the top of the sloping walkway until she saw the outline of a door as he cracked it open.

Megan stepped off the verandah onto a walkway that led through the garden.

He led her through the small encampment toward the mountain and up a smooth walkway to the flattened peak of one ridge.

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The cool rain felt good against his hot skin, and he stood in the dark walkway between the gym and the house, soothed by the storm.

She wandered down stream to the place where they had drug huge slabs of stone to make a walkway across the creek.

Then he led her out patio doors through a small courtyard, down steps and a concrete walkway to a tidy barn.

The wooden banisters were polished to a high finish, and the hardwood stairs were covered on the walkway with more carpet.

There was a lingering smell of wood smoke in the night air and all earlier efforts at shoveling the walkway and stairs were lost in the smooth swirls of new fallen whiteness.

A narrow, lit walkway extended all the way down the corridor, the only part of the hall out of reach of the arms of the prisoners on either side.