Sentence Examples with the word waking

Certain it is that in the course of the waking day a great number of stimuli play on the sense organs, and through these produce disintegration of the living molecules of the central nervous system.

Every day he awoke wondering what happened to him, but he remembered nothing beyond waking up the day before.

She tried several times to wake Petya that he might eat something, but he only muttered incoherent words without waking up.

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Mr. Jefferson let me touch his face so that I could imagine how he looked on waking from that strange sleep of twenty years, and he showed me how poor old Rip staggered to his feet.

The idea of waking up to him each morning reminded her of how centered, energized and at peace she'd been after their first night together.

He was a puzzle, a man with no memory beyond waking up in the morning.

The species inhabiting cold climates construct a winter nest in which they hibernate, waking up at times to feed on an accumulated store of nuts and other food.

He definitely didn't look forward to waking up one day in Hell.

One desperate, frightened yell from the first French soldier who saw the Cossacks, and all who were in the camp, undressed and only just waking up, ran off in all directions, abandoning cannons, muskets, and horses.

Several times, waking up, she heard his groans and muttering, the creak of his bed, and the steps of Tikhon and the doctor when they turned him over.