Sentence Examples with the word wake up

The doctor said there was no reason for him to remain in a coma and he might wake up any day.

She'll wake up in the middle of the night, wide awake.

One day, she'd wake up and find herself on the Metro again.

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I don't want her to wake up in a strange room and not be able to find us.

Once this ball gets rolling, it will speed up and, because of it, we will all wake up each morning with a little extra spring in our step and sparkle in our eye.

And the only reason you remember dreams is if you wake up in the middle of them.

She wanted to wake up with his scent ingrained in her skin.

She didn't want to say it, but the bloodied immortal didn't look like he'd wake up for quite a while, especially if there was no Healer among the survivors.

You said it wasn't scary; at least once you knew you weren't trapped back there; that you could wake up and escape back to reality.

Just now they are all going to bed, and--what do you think?--they unhook the hinges of their wings and put them in a corner until they wake up again.