Sentence Examples with the word waiting

It seemed as if all France had been waiting for this event as a signal, for organized churches began to spring up every where immediately afterwards.

Xander had the urge to follow her to her car to ensure she left and didn't hide out on the main floor, waiting for him to appear, so she could kill him.

The Italian infantry, waiting under a crushing bombardment, were puzzled and disheartened by the silence of their own guns.

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Gabriel was waiting with the patience of Death, though he'd started to tense, indicating his guard was going up once more.

He seems to be waiting for the inevitable while I try to check off my bucket list.

He was told that it would not, and without waiting for the usual formalities he left the lodge and went home.

The place of his burial is unknown, and the legend which says he still sits in a cavern in the Kyffhauser mountain in Thuringia waiting until the need of his country shall call him, is now thought to refer, at least in its earlier form, to his grandson, the emperor Frederick II.

She checked her phone twice on the way to Xander's, waiting for a text saying Jonny kidnapped Ashley.

To gain the best chance of success he would have to concentrate his whole army almost within gunshot of the centre of the enemies' outposts without attracting their attention; otherwise he would find the allies concentrated and waiting for him.

In any event the occupants of office could merely have had the choice of risking their heads in an attempt to exclude the elector of Hanover, or of waiting patiently till he should come and eject them from their posts; yet they might have remained formidable could they have remained united.