Sentence Examples with the word wait on

Mine makes the servants wait on me and do as I tell them.

But I've always been content to let someone else wait on me.

The idea of securing the Protestant succession by legitimizing Monmouth again took shape and was eagerly pressed on by Shaftesbury; at the time it seemed possible that success would wait on the audacity.

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You don't have to wait on me hand and foot, you know.

The pope had selected two envoys to wait on the young emperor, one of them, Jerome Aleander, being specially appointed to secure the outlawry of Luther.

One of these apes, it was related, served as a sailor on board a Jamaica ship, and used to wait on the captain.

Various pagan observances are mingled in their ritual: every newly-built house is considered uninhabitable till the blood of a sheep or fowl has been spilt in it; a woman guilty of a breach of chastity has to undergo purification by leaping into a flaming fire; the Sabbath has been deified, and, as the goddess Sanbat, receives adoration and sacrifice and is said to have ten thousand times ten thousand angels to wait on her commands.